10'x12' Studio Structures

10x12's are an affordable way to add space to your property without having to get a building permit.* Designed with our unique Hawaiian climate in mind, these studio structures will be comfortable and resist the harsh elements that cause so much damage to most buildings.


Here in Hawaii, if it's not raining, it's sunny and hot. That's why I build a substantial roof overhang on my 10x12's (up to 36 inches), to protect your investment and make it more comfortable to be in.


I coat each and every wood component with Lumberseal (http://www.lumber-seal.com/page18.html), a tripolymer moisture sealant that actually prevents mold and mildew from growing and is completely non-toxic! (0 VOC) Applied over treated wood or paint, Lumber-seal seals in the the formaldehyde and VOC's that preserve your structure and prevents them from off-gassing into the air. This dramaticly increases the life of your building and eliminates exposure to mold and toxic chemicals.

Another often overlooked factor for comfort and life expectancy of a building is airflow. I will work with you to position your 10x12 to recieve just the right amount of exposure to tradewinds and protection from storms to provide an ideal climate, minimizing mold, mosquitos and other pests.



This model features a Hawaiian hip roof, post and beam style construction, individually framed screens, stainless steel fasteners and is fully finished with stain and polyurethane or paint. The roofing material shown is red corrugated steel, but other roofing materials are available such as standing seam or asphalt shingles.




Upgrades include hardwood flooring, window-boxes, built-in shelves and furniture, asian style roof lines, and anything else you can thinkof.


















*In most cases a building permit will not be required for structures 10'x12' or less. Check with your local permit office for details.