I am a reliable, multi-talented individual with twenty years of experience (ten on Maui) in all aspects of building, from design to finish. I've built simple yet elegant living spaces with 100% recycled materials found locally and also milled tropical hardwoods into high end multi-slide doors, windows and cabinets in a wood shop. I've built new houses from the ground up, added additions and completely remodeled existing houses including kitchens and bathrooms. I always show up, take my work seriously and communicate clearly and respectfully, making each project flow easily for everyone involved. Scroll down for my portfolio and resume...
Welcome to ChrisDenton.net! (email: cd@chrisdenton.net)
I custom made from rough slabs and installed these four sets of three and one set of four sliding mahogany framed glass panels in the shop with Pacific Millworks in the Pauwela Cannery in Haiku, HI 2011. I also milled and finished all the jams, casing, trim and teak thresholds, as well as a large screen wall/window. I sanded to 220 grit and finished with three coats of yacht varnish (light sanding between coats) all pieces before installation.
Mahogany Multi-Slide Doors
These are some of the backyard studio spaces I've created over the years. The Hale on the upper left corner is one of the first building projects I was a part of on Maui back in 2003. It was built in Kipahulu for Woody Harrelson and his family. After that I worked with them on other projects on the estate (including the 99% recycled pump house in the lower middle) for about a year. The gypsy wagon style space with the blue doors is also made from recycled materials. It is 60 square feet with a tiny loft and rents for $900/month in Venice Ca.
Garden Structures
In 2008 I began learning drafting software and was quickly having fun creating buildings out of my imagination and rendering near photo-realistic images.
Digital models
Decks, Asheville NC.
I specialized in decks for a year when I stayed in Asheville and built nearly a dozen in that time. I was able to design, build and complete these large custom decks pretty quickly and so I built quite a few in a short amount of time.
Brahma Ridge Event Center
At the same time as I was building decks I also built the infrastructure for a wedding event center just outside Asheville, NC. This included terraforming and road installation, irrigation and landscaping, tapping several nearby springs and building a pond, as well as the construction of several buildings and remodel of some others.
Around the turn of the century I was building outdoor garden structures for a client on Orcas Island WA in his personal wood shop. I harvested all the wood from his property and milled it with his Woodmizer Bandmill.
I used a darkroom in high school, and a Pentax K-1000 as well as various homemade pinhole cameras, but I don't have any of that work anymore. What I do have are some good digital photos I've taken over the years. Here are a few of those...
Other Projects
In the mid to late nineties I raised and sold a few hundred thousand flowers to Nature's Answer, a liquid herbal extract manufacturer on Long Island, NY. At the same time I was buying drum shells in Harlem fresh off the boat from West Africa and rebuilding and reselling them on various college campuses.
If I don't have something creative to do I go out and find something, even if it's just rock sculptures on the beach. One of which is still visible on google earth!
To Contact me send Email to cd@chrisdenton.net
Custom Dressing Room Doors
In May of 2015 I designed and built these custom doors for the San Lorenzo Bikini Shop in Pa'ia to replace a very old set of vintage French Doors (top left) they were using as dressing room doors.